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Serving the South Jersey area

Bott Electric is a South Jersey Electrical Contractor providing electrical work to Commercial, Industrial & Farm facilities. Bott Electric is a well-established and respected company whose focus is on customer satisfaction and top quality installations.

If you manage a South Jersey area Commercial, Industrial or Farm facility and are in need of electrical work, call Bott Electric today at 609-257-3517. We are also pleased to serve the Central Jersey area.

South Jersey Commercial Electrician
We provide superior electrical services for commercial buildings, site work, standby generator installations, lighting upgrades and so much more... (more)
South Jersey Industrial Electrician
Industrial electrical work includes conduit installations, switchgear, underground services, robotics systems, control wiring and more... (more)
Electrical Work for South Jersey Farms and Barns
We provide electrical work to farms of all types, including horse farms, dairy farms, veterinary hospitals, and even beekeepers!... (more)
Electrical Work for South Jersey Farms and Barns
At Bott Electric, SAFETY COMES FIRST! We take electrical safety seriously and implement several safety related procedures... (more)
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